6 Suggestions for Effective PPC Lead Nurturing

April 28, 2022 | Nurture

PPC leads are distinct from those that find your brand through social media, word of mouth, or organic searches. After attracting visitors to your landing pages, you must nurture them to keep them interested. Using email marketing for PPC lead nurturing is a great way to connect with potential consumers, but creating an email marketing campaign demands meticulous planning.

Before you start building your email marketing campaign for PPC prospects, keep in mind the following suggestions. This will help you understand how PPC leads differ from other sources of leads and how to best serve them at each step.

1. Take their emails.

As obvious as it may seem, when a lead enters your landing page from a PPC ad, you need to think about how you’ll get their email. Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer a lead magnet – this could be an ebook, a product or service discount, or even a complimentary digital audit
  • Make subscribing very easy – the fewer clicks the better
  • Send a compelling welcome email to engage them immediately
  • Engage with a quiz

Bottom line: If you want to move them down your sales funnel, you must focus on acquiring their contact info.

2. Write with perspective in mind

Just a few tweaks to your email signature can have a big impact on how prospects perceive your company. Instead of using your company’s name, address emails to specific persons. You may send a CEO welcome email, a customer service welcome email, etc.

Write your body copy similarly. With an automated email marketing service, you can still write as if conversing with one person. You’re chatting with them instead of at them, which helps you build a personal connection. It will also demonstrate to prospects that your brand is made up of genuine people, not robots.

3. Create customized content

Which keyword did your lead use before clicking your PPC ad? Did they look at multiple blogs or products? During sign-up, did you ask about content preferences?

Start by using this data to create a customized PPC lead nurturing campaign for each subscriber segment. It may not be 1:1 personalization, but it allows you to leverage data to send relevant content to your subscribers at various stages of the funnel.

4. Focus on your niche

Your leads have done some research. They know they have a lot of options and are attempting to pick the best one. You don’t have to bash your competitors; that’s desperate and tacky. Now is the time to focus on your niche and why leads should choose you.

5. Utilize different multimedia

People consume information in unique ways. Give customers multiple ways to interact with your brand in your PPC lead nurturing campaign. Introduce your team or products via video, make bespoke GIFs to communicate complex ideas, and use infographics to educate prospects.

No medium is universally loved, and all offer different levels of engagement. Your PPC lead nurturing campaign strategy should include a variety of media so that leads may learn about your company on their own terms.

6. Include social proof

Your audience may still believe you only want their money and cannot be trusted to deliver on your promises. Use social proof to overcome this. Send open-ended surveys to your customers and ask for permission to utilize their responses in marketing materials, then use them in your email marketing campaign alongside reviews gathered from social platforms.

PPC Lead Nurturing – Our Final Thoughts

PPC leads demand a customized PPC lead nurturing strategy to pique their interest and create brand trust. Use as much data as you can to fully comprehend your prospects’ needs and desires. Your nurture campaign will benefit from more relevant content.

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