Boxed mix or scratch made?

Experience the difference.

We stand out in a good way.

You know that quote from Gandhi that goes “be the change you wish to see in the world?” Yeah, we took that one to heart. That’s why our key differentiators are all about digital marketing for good through digital marketing gamification.

Our endgame: Ethical digital marketing is the new standard.

We are proudly


Hourly rates add up – especially those unexpected ones. Fixed prices don’t. Transparent labelling isn’t just a concern for the health conscious consumers. Our radically honest pricing and unique, innovative product offering is what makes Layer Cake Digital so refreshingly unlike the industry standard.


Most traditional digital marketing agencies take your money and move on to the next client. Not us. We care about way more than just the bottom line. But we also know that talk is cheap. That’s why we re-invest at least ⅓ of our overall annual profit into our foundation to support projects and causes for good.


We’re serving up industry-firsts on the daily. With us you can make a game out of crushing your business goals. That’s right. Gamified digital marketing is finally here. The fact that it took this long says everything you need to know about how outdated the current digital marketing game is.

Make meaningful change

Give Back

Our sister company, Layer Cake Foundation, is based on a relatively unheard of notion that your involvement with a digital marketing agency should make the world a better place.

That’s why your investment in Layer Cake Digital will go toward funding projects that help us give back to the communities where you work.


Digital marketing gamification time!

The more you level up your layer cake, the more achievements you unlock. The more achievements you unlock, the more Cake Points you earn. The more Cake Points you earn, the more optimizations and free stuff you can redeem.

How sweet is that for an industry-first?