An Intro to Layer Cake Collective

September 16, 2021 | General

Are your digital marketing efforts creating positive social impact? Is this even a question anyone is asking?

If you’ve got ~3 minutes (Howard Bergs aside) to spare to shift some paradigms with me, then buckle up!

First – a secret you should know about me. I’ve always preferred to stay out of the spotlight, and more behind the scenes.

Sure, I might share some useful hacks or articles here or there, but pouring my heart and soul directly into publically viewable pixels? The inner battle between introvert and extrovert rages on. You’ll find out a bit further down why I am even doing this then.

But enough about ME; let’s cut to the all-important question that concerns YOU – and is less soul-probing:

What is Layer Cake Collective (LCC)?

LCC is a collective of four companies – including a digital marketing agency – with a shared vision of fostering positive global change. 

What’s our secret recipe? Um, we don’t really have one of those. We are just passionate, really good at what we do, and care a whole lot about more than just net profits.

In fact, here are the step-by-step directions I used to build LCC from scratch:

Step 1: Replace everything you don’t like about the “traditional”, margin-first agency experience with industry-first (gamification & rewards) and ethical commitments (give-back). That’s the core revenue driver: Layer Cake Digital (Digital Marketing Agency)

Step 2: Mix in significant margin re-investment which supports initiatives that are helping maximize the overall good in the world and minimizing the bad. That’s the humanitarian piece: Layer Cake Foundation (Philanthropic Foundation).

Step 3: Stir in some proprietary analytics solutions full of machine learning & AI and out pops the “brains” of the collective: Layer Cake Analytics (Data Analytics Engine). 

Step 4: Add in some masterclass magic – tools, techniques, templates, and other accessible knowledge-transfer – and you get Layer Cake Learns (Learning Management Platform). 

Step 5: Bake them all together and voilà! You’ve got the Layer Cake Collective and a recipe that will help change the world.

“Help change the world?” Yes, I mean that. Over a third of our profits go directly into Layer Cake Foundation to support causes that the world needs via in-kind or monetary give-back. 

Through our model, we have supported over a dozen for-good initiatives by re-investing more than $75K in pure margin generated by our digital agency, and given back over $100K in project effort across +1000 hours via

We’ve also been fortunate to be long-time supporting the growth and development of a cancer awareness tool, and recently planted over 1,000 trees against our goal of 250K trees by 2025 (our current focus is fire recovery in British Columbia). Upcoming initiatives also include creating a marketing grant to support small businesses impacted by COVID, and fulfilling wishlists for children in need. 

Our full give-back roadmap is in the works and will be published when Layer Cake Foundation formally launches.

Why am I doing this now, you may be thinking?

Let’s be real – do we really need to ask “why?” when we already know the answer? The world is in turmoil to a point of ecocide. 

If that isn’t reason enough, then here’s more. 

Aside from merging a passion for digital marketing with a need to make a positive impact in the world (courtesy of a “peace and love” upbringing – thanks Mom), I am super fortunate to have discovered my “Ikigai” moment with Layer Cake Collective and I couldn’t be more excited.


Being overstocked on passion – just ask anyone who has been in a meeting with me – and not without a vocation, I still feel every day a notable distance between “What I am good at” (humblebrag time – I’m a pretty darn good digital marketer, among other things) and “What the world needs.”

Some never bridge it. Others struggle to balance the two. Layer Cake Collective is my attempt to find that harmony. 

Today, if you ask me what my professional reason for being is, I can point you directly to the source:

Ah, here we are! The part of our little journey where I get to run one last CTA by you (thanks by the way for coming this far!) 

“Connect with me and let’s discuss how we can collaborate and help create a positive impact”. 

How, you may ask? I’ve got a few use cases for you below.

  • Learn More about Layer Cake Digital’s unique approach to digital marketing
  • Apply for one of our complimentary Digital Audits. (Note: There’s some eligibility criteria because we can’t give all of our candy away!)
  • Explore Whitelabel opportunities. We love agency partnerships.
  • Learn more about Layer Cake Collective and our vision.

If anything I said above resonates with you, I hope you will connect. We’ve got some waves to make where they’re needed the most.

Stay tuned. There’s a lot of sweet LCC full launch action heading your way!

Founder & CEO, Layer Cake Collective


“Pay for services now, get the rest later”—oh, puh-leez. That old carrot and stick approach belongs in the compost bin. Our complimentary (as in, free) audit covers multiple channels across your entire digital ecosystem—with transparent recommendations and knowledge-transfer against our Layer Cake best practices.*

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